It is natural to a work in evolution to outgrow some of its parts. Other times, some links loose their pertinence for the time being. Here we have some of those parts, believing and sustaining the paradigm of an internet that never forgets anything. Unfortunately it is not advisable for security reasons to present links for past encarnations of this site, but with time, we plan to add more snapshots of the past.

For now, in reverse chronological order:

A snapshot of our public site before September 2015, before the most recent revision. It was based on the previous design, with changes and maintenance by our current team (see credits). Click on the logo to browse the pages
Read the Joint Open Letter on FCT recent policy
On February of 2014, changes on FCT policy about scientific evaluation pratices, prompt us to join with several other institutions and universities, in a joint open letter expressing our worries.
A snapshot of our public site before Jun 2014, before 2014 biggest revision. It was designed by Filipe Preto ( at 2012 and mounted and mantained by João Costa until 2013. Click on the logo to browse the pages
Inesc-ID Lisboa
At 2010, we proudly celebrated our 10 years of life. From the invitation text of the time:

We invite you to make a brief journey through the celebration of INESC-ID 10th anniversary, that occurred in the end of 2010 here. For the important celebration, INESC-ID promoted a serie of discussion sessions on science, research and innovation. National and international renowned researchers discussed some of the biggest challenges in the next decade. A challenging event with an outstanding quality, that took place at Culturgest and Instituto Superior Técnico.
technology from seedInesc-ID Lisboa
A snapshot of our public site before 2012. It was designed by Filipe Preto at 2005, mounted and mantained by João Costa. At the same time, it was builded the sister intranet site of Inesc-ID following the same design, based on a 2004's graduation thesis from João Costa and Ricardo Pires, advised by Arlindo L. Oliveira, called "Sistema de apoio à decisão para o INESC-ID". As a funny side-note, this snapshot was taken from an intranet page that still uses the old public interface... like the vestigial bones of the whale's lost legs.