Privacy-Preserving Event Stream Processing in the Cloud

Distinguished Lecture | IST, room EA1 | 10:00

Prof. Pascal Felber, Université de Neuchâtel, Institut d’informatique – Abstract: Stream processing provides an appealing paradigm for building large-scale distributed applications. Such applications are often deployed over multiple administrative domains, some of which may not be trusted. Recent attacks in … Continued

Folk Theorems for Multi-Agent Systems

Distinguished Lecture | IST @Taguspark, room 0.65 | 11:00

Prof. Michael Wooldridge, University of Oxford – Abstract: The Nash Folk Theorems are a collection of related results that characterise the Nash equilibria that can be sustained in repeated games. As the name suggests, the Folk Theorems are technically simple, … Continued

Repetitions in Strings

Distinguished Lecture | meeting room @ Av Duque Ávila, 23, Lisboa | 17:00

Prof. Maxime Crochemore, Université Paris-Est, France – Abstract: Large amounts of text are generated every day in the cyberspace via Web sites, emails, social networks, and other communication networks. These text streams need to be analysed to detect critical events … Continued

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