Cyber-physical MPSoC Systems: Future Multi-Core Architectures for reliable Mobility & Technologies

Distinguished Lecture | Anfiteatro do Complexo Interdisciplinar, IST Alameda | 11:00

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Juergen Becker, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – KIT. Dept. Electrical Engineering & Information Technology. Institute for Information Processing – ITIV. Karlsruhe, Germany. – Abstract: The field of embedded electronic systems, nowadays also called cyber-physical systems, is still emerging. … Continued

Control of solar thermal plants

Distinguished Lecture | IST Alameda, Room EA5 | 11:00

Prof. Eduardo F. Camacho, Dpto. Ingeniería de Sistemas y Automática. Escuela Superior de Ingenieros. Sevilla, Spain. – Abstract: The use of renewable energy, such as solar energy, experienced a great impulse during the second half of the seventies just after … Continued

Prof.Barbara Liskov, INESC-ID associates with DIFCTUNL DLS – Abstract: INESC-ID associates with DIFCTUNL DLS for the talk of Prof.Barbara Liskov Bio Host Maria Inês Camarate de Campos Lynce de Faria Venue:

WhatsUp : a P2P instant news items recommender

Distinguished Lecture | Anfitearo Ávila | 15:00

Dr. Anne-Marie Kermarrec, INRIA Senior Researcher (Directrice de recherche), INRIA-Rennes, FRANCE – Abstract: WhatsUp is an instant news system aimed for a large scale network with no central bottleneck, single point of failure or censorship authority. Users express their opinions … Continued

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