what about super-intelligent characters at Skyrim?

Our researchers from the GAIPS research group are modifying Skyrim characters to add social and intelligence skills to these virtual agents.   https://tecnico.ulisboa.pt/pt/noticias/campus-e-comunidade/aluno-do-tecnico-torna-personagens-de-skyrim-superinteligentes/  

about the startup PETsys

The startup PETsys Electronics, has developed a detector that can identify tumors with a millimeter. Vasco Varela says that they rely on PET technology, which already exists, but make it more sensitive.

bike to shop

This pilot experience is a partnership between our european projet TRACE and Lisboa E-Nova, that encourages the use of the bicycle in daily trips while promoting local commerce. This campaign occurs during the european mobility week, from 16 to 22 … Continued

LxMLS 2017

LxMLS 2017 took place July 20-27 at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) and was organized jointly by INESC-ID, IST, IT, Unbabel and Priberam Labs. More info: http://lxmls.it.pt/2017/

intel tools fueled by INESC-ID researchers @ERCIM News

The ERCIM News No. 110 has just been published with a special theme on “Blockchain Engineering“. INESC-ID contributed to this issue with an article by Leonel Sousa and Aleksandar Ilic on “Cache-aware Roofline Model in Intel® Advisor”.

best student paper award @SAT2017

Miguel Terra-Neves, Inês Lynce and Vasco Manquinho received the best student paper award for: Introducing Pareto Minimal Correction Subsets, @ the SAT2017 conference.

TeMA – Thematic Track on Text Mining and Applications

The Thematic Track on Text Mining and Applications (TeMA) will take place at the 18th EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence, EPIA 2017, at Porto, from 5th to 8th September. More info: https://web.fe.up.pt/~epia2017/thematic-tracks/tema/

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