Language Learning for Verification of Configuration Files

Seminar | 336 | 11:00

Mark Santolucito, Yale University – Abstract: Software failures resulting from configuration errors have become commonplace as modern software systems grow increasingly large and more complex. The lack of language constructs in configuration files, such as types and specifications, has directed … Continued

Biomedical Image Informatics

Seminar | 020 | 11:30

David Breen, Drexel University – Abstract: The goal of biomedical image informatics is to develop techniques and systems that extract quantitative information from biomedical images and construct robust models of the structures and processes captured in the images. The word … Continued

The Future of Multidimensional Video Capture

Seminar | TagusPark A2 | 17:00

Brian K Cabral, facebook – Abstract: The advent of small monoscopic 360 cameras and stereo capture camera’s like Surround360 have ushered in a new era of multidimensional video image capture. It represents a transition in media nearly as profound as … Continued

Human error is not the problem

Seminar | INESC-ID Tagus Park, sala 2.10 | 10:00

Harold Thimbleby, University of Wales Swansea – Abstract: Error, if it was a disease, would be classified as the third biggest killer after cancer and heart disease. Why is it neglected, and what can be done? When something bad happens … Continued

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