Urban Data Management, Analysis and Visualization

Seminar | DEI Meeting Room | 15:30

Claudio Silva, New York University – Abstract: The large volumes of urban data, along with vastly increased computing power, open up new opportunities to better understand cities. Encouraging success stories show that data can be leveraged to make operations more … Continued

Computer Graphics in the Age of AI and Big Data

Seminar | DEI Meeting Room 0.19 | 14:30

Richard (Hao) Zhang, Simon Fraser University – Abstract: Computer graphics is traditionally defined as a field which covers all aspects of computer-assisted image synthesis. An introductory class to graphics mainly teaches how to turn an explicit model description including geometric … Continued

Talk Kirk Bresniker Chief Architect and HPE Fellow/VP

Seminar | 336 | 12:00

, – Abstract: Title: Exaflops, Zettabytes and microseconds – Preparing to capitalize on simultaneous regime change in Computing Exascale supercomputers transforming science and industry, intelligent social infrastructure comprised of tens of billions autonomous agents hosting artificial intelligences devouring Zettabytes … Continued


News, Uncategorized | 00:00

The second edition of COGITO (www.cogito.pt/) took place April 21st at Núcleo Central Taguspark in Oeiras The event, structured around short lectures, on diversified topics delivered by inspiring speakers, among which Arlindo Oliveira, researcher at INESC-ID, with the lecture “Digital … Continued

INVITED TALK – Prof. Pawel Kulakowski

Seminar | Anfiteatro Abreu Faro, Complexo Interdisciplinar, IST, Lisboa | 17:00

, – Abstract: Nanoscale Communications The talk will discuss the possible means for nanocommunications, i.e. communication between future nanomachines. An overview of possible approaches will be given, including miniaturization of existing communication devices, building nanomachines from basic blocks and … Continued

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