Publications for year between 2016 and 2017

Book Chapters: 1
-Rui Policarpo Duarte and Christos-Savvas Bouganis, , chapter of Variation-Aware Optimisation for Reconfigurable Cyber-Physical Systems, Mar. 2016, [bibTex]

International Journal Articles: 1
-José T. de Sousa and M. Silva Pereira and J. Caldinhas Vaz and C. Azeredo Leme and J. Costa Freire, A 170uA All-Digital GFSK Demodulator With Rejection of Low SNR Packets for Bluetooth-LE, article in IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters pp. 452-454, Jun. 2016, IEEE, [bibTex]
International Conferences: 4
-Rui Policarpo Duarte and Mário Pereira Véstias and Horácio C. Neto, XtokaxtikoX: A Stochastic Computing-Based Autonomous Cyber-Physical System, presented at , Nov. 2016, [bibTex]
-José T. de Sousa and João Dias Lopes and Rui Santiago, Versat, a Runtime Partially Reconfigurable Coarse-Grain Reconfigurable Array using a Programmable Controller, presented at Jornadas Sarteco, Sep. 2016, [bibTex]
- Michail Vavouras and Rui Policarpo Duarte and Antonino Armato, Christos Bouganis, A Hybrid ASIC/FPGA Fault-Tolerant Artificial Pancreas, presented at , Aug. 2016, [bibTex]
-José T. de Sousa and João Dias Lopes, Versat, a Minimal Coarse-Grain Reconfigurable Array, presented at 12th International Meeting on High Performance Computing for Computational Science (VECPAR), Jun. 2016, [bibTex]

MSc Theses: 1
-Rui Manuel Alves Santiago advised by José T. de Sousa, Compilador para a Arquitectura Reconfigurável Versat, MSc Thesis on , May 2016, [bibTex]