INESC-ID Researchers wins “Best Paper Award”

The paper titled “Software-Defined Data Services: Interoperable and Network-Aware Big Data Executions”, received a Best Paper Award at IEEE SDS 2018 (International Conference on Software Defined Systems). Pradeeban Kathiravelu and  Luís Veiga, researchers at INESC-ID,  co-wrote the paper with Peter Van Roy (UCLouvain).

In this paper,  authors present Software-Defined Data Services (SDDS), extending the data services with the SDN paradigm. They present the design of an SDDS orchestration framework for network-aware big data executions in data centers, then evaluate the performance of SDDS through microbenchmarks on a prototype implementation. By extending SDN beyond data centers, they can deploy SDDS in broader execution environments.

The objective of SDS 2018 is to provide a forum for scientists, engineers, and researchers to discuss and exchange new ideas, novel results and experience on all aspects of Software Defined Systems.

The IEEE SDS 2018 was held in Barcelona between 23rd and 26th of April.