Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer Office


to support INESC-ID Board of Directors in bringing INESC-ID’s innovations to the market through intellectual property valorization, industry partnership and the creation of new business ventures.


INESC-ID now stands and is viewed as one of the most dynamic research institutes in Portugal in the areas of electronics, information systems, telecommunications and energy. In close cooperation with its partners, INESC-ID has emerged as an institution of reference, intensely involved in a number of high visibility projects that define the state of the art in these areas, both at national and international levels.

Our research and development activities cover a broad range of research areas and application markets, such as wireless communications, electronic equipment, health-care, medical imaging, industrial automation, e-learning, and enterprise information systems. INESC-ID also acts as a service provider, stimulating cooperation with industry and focusing research on day life issues, providing a high level of technology transfer. Another interesting indicator of the industrial technology impact of INESC-ID, is the several “start-up”companies created by researchers and former graduate students associated with INESC-ID, seven so far.

The objectives of this office is:

  • to increase the intellectual property value of Inesc-ID.
  • to promote more industry partnerships.
  • to incentive the creation of new business ventures.


Presently, the office works with a small team of InescId people with the following functions:

Luís Caldas de Oliveira Responsible, Faculty
Aurélia Constantino Technology Transfer Manager, Staff
Paula Dias Legal Counsel, Staff
Teresa Mimoso Administrative Support, Staff

There’s also a mail for contacts and arbitrary proposals:


Contact us!

Group Coordinator

Luís Miguel Veiga Vaz Caldas de Oliveira

Administrative Support

Teresa Mafalda Mascarenhas Alves Mimoso

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