Computing Systems and Communication Networks


1. To achieve high level research results documented through published papers, prototypes, demonstrators and patents.

2. To support the post-graduate work of research students for their PhD and MSc thesis.

3. To actively participate in cooperative international research projects.

4. To foster technology transfer based on the achieved research results.


The Computing Systems and Communication Networks research line integrates the following research groups: Distributed Systems, Communication Networks and Mobility, Radio on Wireless, and Software Engineering.

Thus, this research line aims at providing innovative models, algorithmic, middleware, communications architecture and mobility support to build complex and dynamic distributed applications, wireless systems and network protocols.

It gathers the INESC-ID groups that perform research in the fundamental areas of knowledge required to assure efficient, safe, reliable, secure, and trustworthy computing and network systems to support the whole structure of the modern networks and complex software.

In this context, INESC-ID gathers a body of competences that renders it a national and international reference. These competences include significant expertise in fundamental technology, techniques, models, protocols, architectures and algorithms.

Action Line Coordinator

Miguel Nuno Dias Alves Pupo Correia


Communications Networks

Distributed Systems

Radio on Wireless (GROW)

Software Engineering