Author: Tatiana Nunes

First INESC-ID Alumni Talk

The first INESC-ID Alumni Talk took place today, September 24, 2021. An event that joined together INESC-ID researchers, students and trainees to share experiences, knowledge and create good memories again.   The session also served as the launch of the INESC-ID alumni group on Linkedin….

Luis M. Correia

Short Personal Interview     Luis M. Correia was born in 1958, in Portimão, Portugal. He is an INESC-ID Researcher since 2016, integrating the Scientific Area Communication Networks (CN).   How did you get to INESC-ID? It was an R&D centre that fulfilled my expectations….

Tomás Alves

Short Personal Interview   Tomás Alves was born in 1994, in Lisbon Portugal. He is an  INESC-ID Researcher and PhD Student since 2017, integrating the Scientific Area Graphics and Interaction (GI).   How did you get to INESC-ID? I applied and was selected to be…