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Reliability-Driven Hardware/Software Partitioning

Fabian Vargas, PUCRS – Pontifícia Univ. Católica do Rio Grande do Sul – Abstract: This seminar emphasizes techniques co-implemented in hardware/Software (Hw/Sw) digital systems. Trade-offs between “reliability”, “implementation cost” and “performance degradation” are discussed in terms of on-line fault detection, fault location, reconfiguration and recovery…

Practical Proofs of Concurrent Programs

Marc Shapiro Joint work with Viktor Vafeiadis, Maurice Herlihy, Tony Hoare, INRIA and LIP6 – Abstract: Reasoning about fine-grain concurrent programs is extremely difficult because threads can interfere with one another in arbitrary ways. We propose to use the ‘rely-guarantee’ approach. In addition to the…

XML for databases and much more

Ioana Manolescu-Goujot, INRIA Futurs – Abstract: The last seven years have witnessed the emergence of the XML (eXtensible Markup Language) promoted by the Web’s regulatory board, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Since then, XML has gained tremendous adoption in academic research and industry alike….

Building Scalable Routing and Storage Primitives

Brad Karp, INTEL – Abstract: Wireless sensor networks promise great societal benefit, but they also pose significant technical challenges, arising from their resource-constrained hardware and their expected large scale of deployment. In this talk, I will describe designs for two scalable communication primitives for wireless…

Grid Computing

João Almeida, IBM Portugal – Abstract: Seminário em grid computing, focado nas ferramentas da IBM para programação e gestão destes sistemas e nas perspectivas de aplicação.   Date: 2005-Jun-17     Time: 14:00:00     Room: 336 For more information:

Emparelhamento em texto comprimido

António José dos Reis Morgado, Inesc-ID – Abstract: A apresentação centra-se em emparelhamento directamente no texto comprimido. Será abordada a técnica de compressão “códigos de redundância mínima” (Códigos de Huffman), dando especial interesse à codificação de “Tagged Huffman Coding”. Baseado nesta codificação, serão apresentadas duas…

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