Prof. Daniel Kofman,

Telecom ParisTech (ENST), France


The talk first presents a vision on future information and communication services and related requirements and challenges. It then shows a – unified – view on major trends enabling the presented services’ evolution, including better integrated cloud and networking solutions, future content distribution systems, Internet of Things, Big Data, as well more futuristic concepts like nano-devices and nano-networks. Finally, to illustrate possible applications, a focus is given on the impact of evolved ICT solutions in future “energy services” and on the required evolution of the control plane of smart grids. 21


Professor Daniel Kofman is:

  • Co-founder and Director of the LINCS, a joint
    research center on Future Communication Networks, Systems and Services,
    by INRIA, Institut Mines-Telecom,, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie and
    Alcatel-Lucent and sponsored by several other organizations (75
    researchers and
    experts from industry and academia, collocated in the same premises).

  • RAD Data Communications Fellow
  • Strategic
    Advisor, former corporate Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and member of the
    Corporate Strategy
    Committee (CEO, VPs and CTO).

  • Co-founder and Chairman of the Steering Board of the European Network of Excellence
    “Euro-NGI” (59 partners from academy and industry from 18 countries,
    more the 200 researchers) and of its successors Euro-FGI and Euro-NF.

  • Member of the Scientific Committee
    of the French Parliament (24 members covering all the scientific domains)

  • Advisor and Expert for various national and international companies and
    institutions (European
    Commission, CSTI: Centra d’ Analyses Stratégiques-French Government, etc.)

  • Cofounder of a technological start-up.


Augusto Julio Domingues Casaca


Centro de Congressos, Pavilhão de Civil, IST.
(Em cooperação com IEEE ComSoc Portugal).