Porfírio Pena Filipe,

R – INESC-ID Lisboa


This paper describes ongoing research in order to enhance our Domain Knowledge Manager (DKM) that is a module of a multi‑propose Spoken Dialogue System (SDS) architecture. The application domain is materialized as an arbitrary set of devices, such as household appliances, providing useful tasks to the SDS users. Our main contribution is a DKM advisor service, which suggests the best task‑device pairs to satisfy a request. Additionally, we also propose a DKM recognizer service to identify the domain’s concepts from a natural language request. These services use as knowledge source a domain model, to obtain knowledge about devices and the tasks they provide. The implementation of these services allows the DKM to provide a high‑level and easy to use small interface, instead of a conventional service interface with several remote procedures/methods. These services have been tested into a domain simulator. Our contributions try to reach SDS domain portability issues.


Date: 2006-Oct-20     Time: 15:30:00     Room: 336

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