Keiichi Aoki,

University of Tsukuba


Improved hardware technology for network hardware, a technique to migrate a
part of calculations performed by the host CPU into the network hardware is
focused by the researchers in the high performance network architecture
field, because the recent network hardware obtains high performance
processor(s) for controling network protocols. Several researches or
products for offloading communication protocol to network device have
succeeded in increasing communication performance. However, in these
techniques, the host processor still needs to access the network hardware
frequently since the unit of offloading is small. This presentation will
show a design of software environment to offload the user-defined software
modules to Maestro2 cluster network This mechanism is called Maestro Dynamic
Offloading mechanism (MDO). MDO allows an application program to offload its
major part of communication procedure of the application program to address
this problem. The experimental results of the performance evaluation of MDO
will be shown by offloading collective communication pertterns.


Date: 2006-Dec-07     Time: 16:00:00     Room: 336

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