Maurice Herlihy,

Brown University


We describe a methodology for transforming a large class of highly-concurrent linearizable objects into highly-concurrent transactional objects. As long as the linearizable implementation satisfies certain regularity properties (informally, that every method has an inverse), we define a simple wrapper for the linearizable
implementation that guarantees that concurrent transactions without inherent conflicts can synchronize at the same granularity as the original linearizable implementation.
Joint work with Eric Koskinen

Maurice Herlihy is Professor of Computer Science at Brown University. His research centers on practical and theoretical aspects of multiprocessor synchronization, with a focus on wait-free and lock-free synchronization. His 1991 paper “Wait-Free Synchronization” won the 2003 Dijkstra Prize in Distributed Computing, and he shared the 2004 Godel Prize for his 1999 paper “The Topological Structure of Asynchronous Computation”.


Date: 2007-Sep-05     Time: 17:00:00     Room: Alfa 9th Floor

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