Gonzalo Navarro,

Universidade do Chile


The need to run different kinds of algorithms over large Web graphs motivates
the research for compressed graph representations that permit accessing
without decompressing them. At this point there exist a few such compression
proposals, some of them very effective in practice. In this talk we introduce
a novel approach to graph compression, based on regarding the graph as a text
and using existing techniques for text compression/indexing. This permits
accessing the graph efficiently without decompressing it, and in addition
brings in new functionalities over the compressed graph. Our experimental
results show that our technique has the potential of being competitive with
the best alternative techniques, yet not fully satisfactory.

Then we introduce a second approach, where we go back to pure compression.
By far the best current result is the technique by Boldi and Vigna,
which takes advantage of several particular properties of Web graphs. We show
that the same properties can be exploited with a different and
elegant technique, built on Re-Pair compression, which achieves about the same
space but much faster navigation of the graph. Moreover, the technique has the
potential of adapting well to secondary memory.

Finally, we comment on ongoing work to combine those approaches. The
successful scheme can be enriched with succinct data structures so as to
permit further graph traversal operations.


Date: 2007-Sep-28     Time: 16:30:00     Room: 336

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