Sara Candeias,

Instituto de Telecomunicações, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Coim


This study proposes a model for a phonological description of the speech patterns attested in the Portuguese language variety spoken in Fundão – Beira Interior. The research is based in analytic work of the functionalist theory, the perception of phonetic features and data arriving from statistical analyses. A phoneme database was built for such purposes comprising 142.020 examples, the realizations of which are described and analysed according to the syllabic context. The phonemic database was constructed in order to establish the pertinent features set in the referred variety. This set regulates the dynamic nature of linguistic subsystems, taking into account both the variety of realizations and the optimization of uses. The description of these uses is based in statistical analyses which are presented in relative and absolute values. It is suggested that these phonological phenomena maps may have their correlation in the Verb and Personal Pronoun syntactic-semantic categories.


Date: 2008-Feb-29     Time: 15:00:00     Room: 336

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