Steffen Staab,

ISWeb – University of Koblenz


“Cross-media knowledge management”

Current challenges of knowledge management need to integrate sources of
various media such as text, images, noise signals, video or raw data.
Such a requirement poses new challenges for managing the diverse data,
requiring cross-media information extraction as well as knowledge representation with capabilities for treating the uncertainty and the provenance of facts
and an ontology that may represent arbitrary connections between media and
facts. In the EU project X-media we investigate several cross-media
knowledge management scenarios from the engineering sectors. We have
defined a core ontology of multimedia and new querying capabilities
for RDF, extending the semantic web query language SPARQL towards
capabilities for certainty and provenance management.


Date: 2008-Apr-11     Time: 09:30:00     Room: Anfiteatro PA2 do campus Alameda

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