Mário Costa Sousa,

University of Calgary


I will focus on visual style representations for illustrative visualization. As different rendering styles are an effective means for accentuating features and directing the viewer s attention, an interactive illustrative visualization system needs to provide an easy-to-use yet powerful interface for changing these styles. The lecture will review existing approaches for stylized rendering and discuss practical considerations in the choice of an appropriate representation for visual styles.

I will also review the state-of-the-art of sketch-based interfaces and modeling (SBIM) for scientific visualization, including different aspects and inspiration factors brought from traditional medical/scientific illustration principles, methods and practices I will describe unique techniques and problems, including presentation of systems, algorithms and implementation techniques focusing on interactive SBIM for illustrative botanical modeling and volume graphics.

About the Speaker:

Prof. Mário Costa Sousa

Mario Costa Sousa is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Calgary and member of the Computer Graphics Lab at the University of Calgary. He holds a M.Sc. (PUC-Rio, Brazil) and a Ph.D. (University of Alberta) both in Computer Science. His current focus is on research and development of techniques to capture the enhancement and expressive capability of traditional illustrations. This work involves research on Illustrative scientific visualization, non-photorealistic rendering, sketch-based interfaces and modeling, visual perception, volume rendering, interactive simulations and real-time rendering. Dr. Sousa has been very active in the graphics community, teaching courses, presenting papers and serving on many conference program committees. Sousa has active collaborations with illustrative visualization research groups, medical centers, and scientific institutes and with illustrators/studios affiliated with the Association of Medical Illustrators and the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators.


Date: 2008-Apr-29     Time: 09:00:00     Room: Sala de V/C IST da Alameda e TagusPark

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