Faramarz Famil Samavati,

University of Calgary


Multiresolution representations (MR) for curves and surfaces have been extensively used in many areas of computer graphics.

The conventional MR is usually defined based on wavelets. However, in this lecture, I present a simple reverse subdivision approach for MR, and derive multiresolution filters for quadratic and cubic B-splines curves. I also show how to use and extend these filters for tensor-product surfaces, and 2D/3D images. Finally, some example applications in model synthesizing and contextual void patching for digital elevation models are discussed.

About the speaker:
Professor Faramarz Samavati currently works on various aspects of Computer Graphics. In general terms, his research areas are Geometric Modeling , Sketch-Based Modeling, Visualizations and Non-photo Realistic Rendering . More specifically, the research topics in his area are Surface Modeling , Volume Modeling , Subdivision Surfaces , Flexible Projection , Least Squares , NURBS, Multiresolution and Wavelets . Faramarz Samavati currently supervises a group of very good graduate students . He also collaborates with several other researchers ( Richard Bartels , Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz , Mario Costa-Sousa , Brian Wyvil l, Marina Gavrilova , Sheelagh Carpandale and Joaquim Jorge ). He has over 50 technical papers in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. He is a Member of ACM and EG . Currently he is in the program committee of IMMERSCOM2007, ICIAR 2007, SBIM2007 and SMI2008.


Date: 2008-May-15     Time: 09:30:00     Room: Sala de V/C IST da Alameda e TagusPark

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