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The Message Passing Interface Standard (MPI) is a standard defined by
the MPI Forum, which has over 40 members, including vendors,
researchers, software library developers, and users. The goal of MPI
is to establish a portable, efficient, and flexible standard for
writing distributed programs based on message passing. MPI is not an
IEEE or ISO standard, but has become the de facto “industry standard”
for writing message passing programs on HPC platforms.
In this talk I will present a gentle introduction to MPI. I will start
by discussing the message passing programming model. Then I will cover
the basics of MPI, present one-to-one communication and collective

“I am not sure how I will program a Petaflop machine, but I am sure
that I will need MPI somewhere.”
Horst D. Simon

Date and local
Friday, February, 20 2009, 14h00, room 336 at INESC-ID, Lisbon.

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Date: 2009-Feb-20     Time: 14:00:00     Room: 336

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