José Carlos Campos Costa,

R – INESC-ID Lisboa


We propose a new methodology based on Mixed Integer Linear Programming
(MILP) for determining the input values that will exercise a specified
execution path in a program. In order to seamlessly handle variable
values, pointers and arrays, and variable aliasing, our method uses
memory addresses for variable references. This implies a dynamic
methodology where all decision are taken as the program executes. During
this execution, we gather constraints for the MILP problem, whose
solution will directly yield the input values for the desired path. We
present results that demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach. This
methodology was implemented into a fully functional tool that is capable
of handling medium sized real programs specified in the C language. Our
work is motivated by the complexity of validating embedded systems and
uses a similar approach to an existing HDL functional vector generation.
We are currently integrating this method with the mentioned hardware
method. The joint solution of the MILP problems will provide a
hardware/software co-validation tool.

Date and local
Wednesday, April, 8 2009, 14h30, room 336 at INESC-ID, Lisbon.

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Date: 2009-Apr-08     Time: 14:00:00     Room: 336

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