Jorge F. Villena,

R – INESC-ID Lisboa


Due to higher integration and increasing frequency based effects, full
Electromagnetic Models (EM) are needed for accurate prediction of the
real behavior of integrated passives and interconnects. Furthermore,
these structures are subject to parametric effects due to small
variations of the geometric and physical properties of the inherent
materials and manufacturing process. Accuracy requirements lead to huge
models, which are expensive to simulate and this cost is increased when
parameters and their effects are taken into account. This paper presents
a complete procedure for efficient reduction of realistic, hierarchy
aware, EM based parametric models. Knowledge of the structure of the
problem is explicitly exploited using domain partitioning and novel
electromagnetic connector modeling techniques to generate a hierarchical
representation. This enables the efficient use of block parametric model
order reduction techniques to generate block-wise compressed models that
satisfy overall requirements, and provide accurate approximations of the
complete EM behaviour, which are cheap to evaluate and simulate.

Date and local
Wednesday, April, 8 2009, 14h30, room 336 at INESC-ID, Lisbon.

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Date: 2009-Apr-08     Time: 14:30:00     Room: 336

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