Julia Hirschberg,

Columbia University


Listeners have many options in dialogue: They may interrupt the current speaker, take the turn after the speaker has finished, remain silent and wait for the speaker to continue, or backchannel, to indicate that they are still listening — without taking the turn I will discuss three of these options which are particularly difficult, yet particularly important, for systems to distinguish in Spoken Dialogue Systems: taking the turn vs. backchanneling vs. remaining silent and letting the speaker continue. How can the system determine which option the user is choosing? How can the system decide which option it should choose and how best to signal this to the user? I will describe results of an empirical study of these phenomena in the context of a larger study of human-human turn-taking behavior in the Columbia Games Corpus. This is joint work with Agustín Gravano (University of Buenos Aires).


Date: 2009-Jul-17     Time: 15:00:00     Room: V1.17, Civil Engineering building, IST-Alameda

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