Chikara Miyaji,

Japan Institute of Sports Sciences


SMART-system is a video database developed by Japan Institute of
Sports Sciences (JISS). More than 12 NSFs are using the system, and
39,601 video files and 380129 meta-data are archived at the date of
August 2009.

SMART-system is a metadata-based movie database specialized for sports
performance training and coaching. The main characteristics are
summarized as follows: (1) based on streaming technology which is
enhanced for sports movement analysis, (2) metadata-based searching
and requesting system specialized for sports, (3) coaching annotation
system, and (4) authentication system for distributed streaming

At my Talk, technical aspects and internal structure of the system
will be explained. And also the experience of providing this software
system will be described, especially, from the view point of sports
specific difficulties and solutions.


Date: 2009-Oct-13     Time: 15:00:00     Room: 336

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