Roberto Bruni,

Universitá di Pisa


(joint work with Anne Kersten, Ivan Lanese, Giorgio Spagnolo)

Compensations are a well-known and widely used mechanism to ensure the consistency and correctness of long-running transactions in the area of databases.
More recently, several calculi emerged in the area of business process modelling, service-oriented and global computing to provide the necessary formal ground for compensation primitives like those exploited in orchestration languages like WS-BPEL. The focus of this work is on the compensation policy to select for parallel branches. The choice of the right strategy allows the user to prevent unnecessary actions in case of an abort.
In the past different policies have emerged in cCSP and Sagas.
We propose new, optimal, operational and denotational semantics for parallel kernel of cCSP/Sagas with interruption and prove the correspondence between the two. The new semantics guarantees that distributed compensations may only be observed after a fault actually occurred.

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Date: 2010-Sep-22     Time: 14:00:00     Room: 336

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