Marten van Dijk,

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory


Usually security protects the computer owner from attack, but sometimes
the computer owner is the potential "enemy". For example, in digital
rights management the owner of a computer platform is motivated to break
its security to make illegal copies of protected digital content. In
mobile agent applications sensitive electronic transactions are
performed at untrusted hosts.

With the proliferation and increasing usage of embedded, portable and
wearable devices, in addition to protecting against attacks from
malignant software, we also have to be concerned with physical attacks
that corrupt data, discover private data or violate copy-protection. In
this presentation key concepts towards a single-chip secure processor
are dicussed. This includes new ideas regarding memory integrity
checking, processor architecture, and controlled physical random

Joint work with Dwaine Clarke, Srini Devadas, Blaise Gassend, Ed Suh.


Date: 2004-Jun-25     Time: 14:00:00     Room: 336

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