Ricardo Baeza Yates,

Yahoo! Research Labs


We provide our personal vision of what could be the next generation of Web search engines, based on a single premise: people do not really want to search, they want to get tasks done. Hence, the key to a better experience will come from the combination of the deeper analysis of content with the detailed inference of user intent. To achieve this, the main ideas are: (1) in place of the indexing that search engines traditionally perform, we have a content analysis phase that spots entities such as people, places and dates in documents; (2) at query time we assign an intent to the user based on the query and its context; and then (3) we retrieve entities matching the intent and assemble a results page not of documents, but of matching entities and their attributes.


Date: 2010-Nov-03     Time: 16:30:00     Room: VA6 (IST, Pavilhão de Civil)

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