Erik Weyer,

University of Melbourne


The infrastructure associated with an automated irrigation channel contains a large number of actuators (electro-mechanical gates) and water level and gate position sensors. Actuator and sensor faults happen from time to time, and they will lead to loss of water and reduced service to farmers unless corrective action is taken. In this seminar we will look at strategies for dealing with such faults. Sensor faults are dealt with by estimating the value of the signal measured by the faulty sensor and using the estimated signal as input to the controllers. An actuator fault necessitates a relaxation of the control objectives, and techniques for reconfiguring the controller to meet the new objectives will be presented. Experimental results from an operational irrigation channel will be shown demonstrating that despite faults, good control performance can be achieved without disruption of the of the operation of the channel.


Date: 2011-May-26     Time: 14:30:00     Room: IST – Torre Norte, Level 5, room 5.9

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