Ioana Manolescu-Goujot,

INRIA Futurs


The last seven years have witnessed the emergence of the XML
(eXtensible Markup Language) promoted by the Web’s regulatory board,
the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Since then, XML has gained
tremendous adoption in academic research and industry alike. A large
set of associated W3C specifications have been successively developed,
providing avenues for research and opportunities for many interesting
software products.

In this talk, I will present some of the advances that XML brought,
from the viewpoint of academic database-oriented computer science
research. XML has brought many opportunities for data management,
thanks to its extensibility and “lingua franca” characteristics; but
it has also brought numerous challenges due to its structural
complexity. However, XML is challenging and enticing also for other
fields of computing, most notably for distributed multi-party
interactions taking place in peer-to-peer environments. I will
introduce some of the fundamental XML-based standards enabling such
interactions, and briefly present some of the outstanding today’s
applications, both in industrial products and in academic research
prototypes I was co-involved in developing.
The talk will end by mentioning some of the interesting computer
science-oriented currently open issues involving XML technologies.

Short Bio:
Ioana Manolescu is currently a researcher in INRIA Futurs, in the Gemo
group located at Saclay, France.
Ioana obtained her PhD from the University of Versailles in 2001, on
“Query Optimization Techniques for Distributed Data Integration”. Her PhD
work targeted query optimization and execution techniques for distributed
databases and for XML. While visiting Politecnico di Milano (Italy), she
has collaborated to the Web modelling project WebML, combining Web-based
interactions with Web services and workflow primitives.
Her current research topics focus around Web-based data management, XML
query processing, storage, and updates, and peer-to-peer computing.


Date: 2005-Jul-13     Time: 10:30:00     Room: INESC-ID/IST Tagus Park (sala de reuniões 2-N7.1)

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