Tiago Manuel Oliveira Henriques Moita
Aleksandar Ilic
Carlos Beltran Almeida
Marcelino Bicho dos Santos

R – INESC-ID Lisboa


Testing nowadays analogue and mixed-signal integrated
circuits is a difficult task. In order to cope with
distinct circuit design characteristics and lack of standardized
test principles, we rely on a test platform based on a novel
test methodology. The presented solution bridges the
gap between design and test processes, by offering an intuitive
unified interface. On top of this methodology, in the software
platform layer, we propose a software tool developed to assist
designers and test engineers in the process of automatic
generation and configuration of test sequences. The proposed
tool is capable of detecting test parameters from the input
HSPICE-compliant test specification files. Moreover, an extension
to the HSPICE format is proposed to express mutually exclusive
values for test parameters. The tool also provides the automatic
creation of new HSPICE-compliant test sequences based on
the selection of test parameters through an intuitive graphical
interface. Additionally, it allows parameter reordering in preexisting
test sequences. The benefits of using the proposed
solution are presented when generating a large number of test
sequences, providing a significant reduction of design and test time..


Date: 2011-Nov-08     Time: 11:30:00     Room: 020

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