Alexandre P. Francisco,

INESC-ID Lisboa and IST


For more than 250 years, graph theory has evolved and became an important area of research. In recent years, however, with the explosive growth of real networks and structured data sets, a new class of graphs came to light, and a new multidisciplinary area of research on graphs has rapidly developed. The NetDyn project comes in this line of research, with the aim of developing new models and tools for the study of large networks structure evolution and processes dynamics. With these tools, we hope to be able to answer questions about real systems, by fitting our models to real data and by using developed tools. In this talk, I will present the NetDyn project, in which we plan to study real datasets such as query logs collected from the Yahoo! search engine, social network messages and connections collected from Twitter through the public programmatic streaming API, the yeast regulatory network available at, and population evolution data collected from several origins through well known molecular typing methods. All these data sets are known to be scale-free networks and subject to highly dynamic processes.


Date: 2012-Mar-29     Time: 14:00:00     Room: 336

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