Sérgio Freitas,

Novageo Solutions


The 2012 ACM SIGSPATIAL cup focused on the task of map matching, i.e. the problem of correctly matching a sequence of location measurements to road segments. Participating teams were given access to several vehicle trips recorded with a GPS logger, along with the correct map matching results and a representation of the road network, and they had to develop a map matching program that could match a sequence of location measurements to roads, as acurrately and as fast as possible. Map matching is a necessary part of in-vehicle navigation systems for determining which road a vehicle is on. More recently, map matching is becoming particularly important, as vehicles are used as probes for measuring road speeds, building statistical models of traffic delays, and understanding the behaviors of drivers. In this talk, Eng. Sérgio Freitas will describe the open-source map matching system developed at Novageo Solutions for participating in the 2012 ACM SIGSPATIAL cup, which was ranked in the 7th position out of the 31 participating systems. The system uses a combination of different criteria, such as geospatial distance towards candidate road segments or topological matching between the candidate edges. I will present the general architecture of the developed system, describe its main features, and discuss possible directions for further improvements.


Date: 2012-Nov-12     Time: 11:00:00     Room: 020

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