Martin Faust,



Column-oriented databases are on trend in industry (SAP HANA, Vertica) and academia (C-Store, MonetDB, HYRISE) alike. With the recent advances of hardware and the availability of machines with terabytes of RAM the idea of a main memory database becomes viable for large installations. The speed of main memory allows to rethink the classic separation between transactional and analytical systems and thereby provide a single-source-of-truth database system that allows users to run analytical queries on the up-to-date transactional data instead of a stale OLAP version. The talk will focus on our findings of the database utilization of large ERP customers and the conclusions that led to the design of an in-memory column store. We will cover the memory hierarchy and its implications on database design, basic data structures and usage examples that benefit from the ability to run analytical-style queries on the transactional data. The talk is a condensed version of our online lecture “In-Memory Data Management” which attracted over 10.000 students when held at in September 2012.


Date: 2013-Apr-29     Time: 16:00:00     Room: 336

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