Franz Hauck,

Ulm University


Deterministic scheduling is a strong requirement for most
replication-based systems, as they require a deterministic behaviour
of replicas and one source of indeterminism is the scheduling of
multiple threads. Often scheduling is avoided at all by disallowing
multiple concurrent threads. For modern multi-core hardware this is a
waste of resources. A few algorithms for a deterministic user-level
scheduling were developed, e.g., LSA, PDS and MAT. Unfortunately they
all have their killer application at which they perform worst.

In the talk I will introduce the problems behind deterministic
scheduling and sketch the potential design space of different
schedulers. Our aim is to develop an adaptive scheduler that takes
application behaviour into account.

Finally, I will briefly introduce some of our other work items in the
context of fault-tolerant computing, e.g. the Virtual Nodes framework,
the Dj deterministic Java runtime, and the COSCA PaaS platform.


Date: 2013-Jul-03     Time: 10:00:00     Room: 020

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