Joakim Gustafson,



Bio: Joakim Gustafson, Professor in speech technology at KTH, has been a prolific researcher on multimodal dialogue systems since 1993. He has an industrial background from TeliaSonera where, in addition to research, he was involved in the launching of public speech applications. Gustafson’s research activities covers design and development of multimodal conversational systems, interactional analysis of spontaneous spoken phenomena, conversational phenomena in speech synthesis, development of speech-enabled robots and data collections of human-computer interactions in public spaces. He has participated in several EU-projects such as Onomastica, NICE, MonAmi, IURO, GetHomeSafe and SpeDial. He is currently the principal investigator in two nationally funded three-year research projects: Incremental Text-To-Speech Conversion and Situated Audio Visual Interaction with Robots, He is also member of the Editorial Board of the journal Speech Communication.


Date: 2013-Dec-03     Time: 16:00:00     Room: 336

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