Anders Ynnerman,

Eurographics – The European Association for Computer Graphics


In the last decades imaging modalities have advanced beyond recognition and data of rapidly increasing size and quality can be captured with high speed. This talk will show how data visualization can be used to provide public visitor venues, such as museums, science centers and zoos with unique interactive learning experiences. By combining data visualization techniques with technologies such as interactive multi-touch tables and intuitive user interfaces, visitors can conduct guided browsing of large volumetric image data. The visitors then themselves become the explorers of the normally invisible interior of unique artifacts and subjects. The talk will take its starting point in the current state-of-the-art in CT and MRI scanning technology. It will then discuss the latest high-quality interactive volume rendering and multi-resolution techniques for large scale data and how they are tailored for use in public spaces. Examples will then be shown of how the inside workings of the human body, exotic animals, natural history subjects, such as the martian meteorite, or even mummies can be explored interactively. The recent mummy installation at the British Museum will be shown and discussed from both a curator and visitor perspective and results from a 3 month trial period in the galleries will be presented.


Date: 2014-Dec-01     Time: 14:00:00     Room: 336

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