Ioana Manolescu-Goujot,

INRIA, Saclay


Data management goes through interesting times, as the
number of currently available data management systems
(DMSs in short) is probably higher than ever before. This leads
to unique opportunities for data-intensive applications, as some
systems provide excellent performance on certain data processing
operations. Yet, it also raises great challenges, as a system
efficient on some tasks may perform poorly or not support other
tasks, making it impossible to use a single DMS for a given
application. It is thus desirable to use different DMSs side by
side in order to take advantage of their best performance, as
advocated under terms such as hybrid or poly-stores.
This talk describes Estocada, a novel system capable of exploiting
side-by-side a practically unbound variety of DMSs, all the while
guaranteeing the soundness and completeness of the store, and striving
extract the best performance out of the various DMSs. Our system
leverages recent advances in the area of query rewriting under
constraints, which we use to capture the various data models and
describe the fragments each DMS stores


Date: 2016-Jun-17     Time: 10:00:00     Room: 336

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