Maysam Ghovanloo,

Georgia Institute of Technology


Wireless power transmission is on the rise for a variety of applications from electric vehicles to smartphone and implantable microelectronic devices (IMD). Unlike pacemakers, extreme size constraints and high power consumption prevent many IMDs such as cochlear and retinal implants from using primary batteries as their energy source. Moreover, such devices need to deliver a sizable volume of information from external artificial sensors to the nervous system while interfacing with large neural populations at high stimulus rates. Nonetheless, the skin barrier should remain intact and the temperature should be maintained well within the safe limits. In this talk I will cover the fundamentals of efficient short-range power and wideband data transmission across inductive links. I will discuss the optimization procedure to achieve the highest possible power transmission efficiency using two, three, and four coil systems. I will review some of the latest techniques to establish wideband bidirectional communication links across the skin, and will also touch on efficient methods to convert the received AC power on the IMD to DC and stabilize it at a desired level despite coupling variations due to coil misalignments.


Date: 2016-Jun-27     Time: 09:30:00     Room: IST, room EA3

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