João Luís Sobrinho,

Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT)


The Internet routing system faces serious scalability challenges due to the growing number of IP prefixes that needs to be propagated throughout the network. Although IP prefixes are assigned hierarchically and roughly align with geographic regions, today’s Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and operational practices do not exploit opportunities to aggregate routing information. In the talk, I will present DRAGON, a distributed route-aggregation technique whereby nodes analyze BGP routes across different prefixes to determine which of them can be filtered while respecting the routing policies for forwarding data-packets. DRAGON works with BGP, can be deployed incrementally, and offers incentives for Autonomous Systems (ASs) to upgrade their router software. I will illustrate the design of DRAGON through a number of examples and I will present results of its performance. Experiments with realistic AS-level topologies, assignments of IP prefixes, and routing policies show that DRAGON reduces the number of prefixes in the forwarding-tables of each AS by close to 80% with minimal stretch in the lengths of AS-paths traversed by data-packets.


Date: 2015-Jun-30     Time: 10:00:00     Room: 336

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