Beryl Plimmer,

University of Auckland


As we know, tangibles offer an interaction experience that is richer and more helpful for learning than traditional mouse + keyboard interaction. However, much of the early tangibles research required complex hardware setups including cameras, specialized tables or displays and specialized objects that incorporated electronics. This talk will focus on the work we have done with light-weight tangibles. The tangibles can easily be made with everyday objects and be used on any multi-touch device. The basic interaction is supported by a toolkit we have developed to enable easy deployment of context specific apps. The long-term goal of this work is to have tangible applications that can easily be used by non-experts in everyday settings.


Beryl Plimmer is an Associate Professor at The University of Auckland, New Zealand. After a varied career in industry and time out for family she undertook her PhD in HCI 2000-2004. Her topic was sketch based user interfaces. She has a substantial body of work in digital ink including ink recognition and various applications of ink. These ideas have been extended to include tangible interaction. She has also implemented a writing tool for visually impaired. More information on her work can be found here


Date: 2017-Sep-07     Time: 11:30:00     Room: 336

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