Inês Marques,

Instituto Superior Técnico


Scheduling and timetabling are planning activities of operations management in any organization. Central to an operation’s ability to deliver is the way its activities are planned. Planning is concerned with activities that attempt to reconcile the demand and the ability of the operation’s resources to deliver, thus bringing supply and demand together. This talk presents demand-driven research on this area, where research questions have been gathered from practice. Operating room scheduling, staff scheduling at emergency medical services and university course timetabling are cases to be shared. Focus is given to the operations research methods used in these cases. Open questions and opportunities for future work are also suggested.


Inês Marques is Assistant Professor at the Department of Engineering and Management (DEG) and Researcher at the Centre for Management Studies (CEG-IST). Her main research areas are operations research and operations management, focusing in planning and scheduling and in the management of health care services, where she has mainly developed decision support tools for improved operating room management. She has published in international journals in the areas of health care management and management science. She is member of the board of the European Working Group on Operational Research Applied to Health Services (EWG ORAHS) and of the European Working Group on Practice of Operational Research (EWG POR). She holds a degree in Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management (ISEG), a MSc in Operations Research and a PhD in Statistics and Operations Research (FCUL).


Date: 2017-Oct-17     Time: 11:00:00     Room: 336

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