Jan Jerabek,

Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic


Access speed became the most commonly published metric for characterizing the quality of broadband offerings by Internet Service Providers. Obviously, this applies for both wired and wireless access technologies. However, measurements of speed for the same service can vary significantly, not mentioning frequent difference between download and upload direction given by the design of the technology. Moreover, we should care about many other parameters, starting from round-trip time, type of interconnection with other networks, unaltered Domain Name System communication, possibility to use any kind of application and not omitting sophisticated Quality of Service tests. Currently, not only in Europe, there is significant attention to so-called network neutrality issues and regulations that in wider meaning also address these topics. This talk is meant to introduce ideas, standards and tools covering measurement of basic parameters of IP networks in European context and to present possible approaches how to measure these parameters in IP-based networks.


Jan Jerabek was born in 1982 in the Czech Republic. He obtained the Bachelor (2005), Master (2007) and Ph.D. degrees (2011) at Brno University of Technology. In 2016, he was promoted to Associate Professor and senior researcher of the SIX research centre (Sensor, Information and Communication Systems). He is currently a member of the EU COST Action CA 15225 management committee. He is an author or co-author of 105 papers, 6 text books for students (in Czech language); his h-index is 14. He is an associate member and consultant for local groups focusing their research on mobile communications, computer networks and information security, and he lectures on TCP/IP models, internet routing and related topics. He is core member of local Cisco networking academy and is responsible for Cisco networking courses of professional level. He has supervised 50 bachelor, master and Ph.D. theses. He is an evaluator of project proposals for several authorities and grant agencies in the Czech Republic. He is an external consultant and evaluator for the Czech Telecommunication Office (the authority and regulator for telecommunications in the Czech Republic), especially focused on methodologies for TCP/IP-based measurements in computer networks.


Date: 2018-Apr-09     Time: 17:00:00     Room: Anfiteatro Abreu Faro, Complexo Interdisciplinar, IST, Lisboa

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