Monique Noirhomme,

Université de Namur


With her team, M. Noirhomme has realised a video to make students aware on
problems of blind persons using the Web.It is called ‘Ecran Noir’ and is
also subtitled in English and in Portuguese. It has been presented at
Interact05 and at IHM05 in September. Since, it has been largely
distributed in France.

M. Noirhomme-Fraiture, is Professor at the Institute of Computer
Science of the University of Namur, Belgium. She teaches Human
Computer Interaction as well as Probability and Statistics, and
supervises student projects in Human Computer Interaction. Several
such projects were aimed at designing software for people with
disability. She is and was involved in several HCI projects: SODAS,
ISO-3D, ASSO, IMIM, RAINBOW (financed by EEC) Hypernavi, Fiches
Metiers, SAPHIR (financed by Walloon Region). (SAPHIR Systhme d’acces
a des rhgles d’ergonomie en matiere d’interface H/M pour des personnes
handicapies destine a des concepteurs d’applications informatiques,
RW, 1998-99) She is often asked as expert at the European Commission
and is reviewer for several conferences and journals. She has
organised the conference IHM04 in Namur. This conference is the HCI
conference for the French community (AFIHM). As chairman of WG13.3 of
IFIP (HCI and disability), she has co-organised several workshops in
the field.


Date: 2005-Nov-17     Time: 17:30:00     Room: 336

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