David Brumley,

U – Carnegie Mellon University


My vision is to automatically check and defend the world’s software from exploitable bugs. In order to achieve this vision, I am building technology, called Mayhem, that shifts the attack/defend game away from the current manual approaches for finding and fixing software security vulnerabilities to a fully autonomous cyber reasoning systems


David Brumley is an associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and the CEO and co-founder of ForAllSecure, a company creating cybersecurity tools that automatically finds and fixes software vulnerabilities.
An expert in security and adaptive learning technology, Brumley also directs CyLab, CMUs security and privacy research institute, and serves as the faculty mentor for the Hacking Team Plaid Parliament of Pwning, CMUs security research group.


Date: 2018-Oct-10     Time: 13:30:00     Room: Anfiteatro FA1 (Pav. Informática)

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