Dan Grollman,

Misty Robotics


In this talk I’ll present some ideas on how to make your robot truly your own. Beyond sensing, thinking, and acting, robots need to feel and express their own unique interpretation of the world around them, and adapt themselves to you and your environment. Their coherent personality must persist across an array of diverse, possibly 3rd-party developed capabilities as well.


Dan Grollman is the Head of Brain Engineering at Misty Robotics, the personal robotics company developing robots for homes and businesses. In his role, Dr. Grollman is focused on the intersection of machine learning, robotics and human interaction. Specifically, he is responsible for in-depth exploration and research on personality and the development of a an infinite personality engine.


Date: 2018-Nov-06     Time: 11:00:00     Room: Room 1.38 (Taguspark).

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