Leonardo A. Martucci,


In this presentation we report on our work in measuring the usability of rule sets in terms of how easy it is for system administrators to understand and manage them. We begin with a description of the problem and a brief introduction to our past and current work on measuring the usability of access control and firewall rules sets.


Leonardo A. Martucci is an Associate Professor (Docent) at Karlstad University, Sweden. He is a member of the Privacy and Security Research Group (PRISEC). He is the coordinator of the H2020 MSCA ITN Privacy&Us project and has been involved in other EC projects like A4Cloud, Newcom++, FIDIS, and Newcom. More information about him at https://leo.kau.se/


Date: 2018-Nov-14     Time: 10:00:00     Room: 336

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