Bert Lagaisse,

Imec-DistriNet Research Group, KU Leuven


We present motivating scenarios as well as an architecture for adaptive and reflective middleware that supports smart cloud-based deployment and execution of en- gineering workflows. This middleware supports deep inspection of the work- flow task structure and execution, as well as of the very specific mathematical tools, their executions and used pa- rameters. The reflective capabilities are based on multiple meta-models to reflect workflow structure, deployment, execution and resources. Adaptive deployment is driven by both human input as meta-data annotations as well as the actual execution history of the workflows.


Bert Lagaisse is industrial research and valorization manager at the imec-DistriNet research group in which he manages a portfolio of applied research projects on cloud technologies and security middleware in close collaboration with industrial partners. He has a strong interest in distributed systems, in enterprise middleware, cloud platforms and security services. Bert is experienced with industrial valorization of research as well as the cross-fertilization between academic know-how and industrial expertise in multi-partner industrial projects.


Date: 2019-Feb-28     Time: 14:30:00     Room: 336

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