Nuno Manuel Ribeiro Preguiça,

U – Universidade Nova de Lisboa


Internet-scale distributed systems often replicate data at multiple geographic locations to provide low latency and high availability, despite node and network failures. Geo-replicated systems that adopt a weak consistency model allow replicas to temporarily diverge, requiring a mechanism for merging concurrent updates into a common state. Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDT) provide a principled approach to address this problem. This talk will provide an overview of CRDT research and practice, addressing the aspects relevant for the application developer, the system developer and the CRDT developer independently


Nuno Preguiça is Associate Professor at DI FCT UNL, and leads the Computer Systems group of the NOVA Laboratory for Computer Science and Informatics. In 2011 he spent his sabbatical leave at INRIA.
The broad aim of his research is to develop techniques that allow applications to efficiently access and share data at any location and at any time, focusing on a broad range of contributions, from principles and theoretical foundations to systems construction.
He has been the principal investigator of national projects FEW, Byzantium, RepComp, SwiftComp, the site leader for EU project SyncFree and participated in several other projects.
He has received a Google Research Award in 2009 by our work on solutions for cloud data management.


Date: 2019-May-16     Time: 14:30:00     Room: 336

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